Genomic profiling of paediatric high grade gliomas from the HERBY clinical trial

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The HERBY trial was a phase-II open-label, randomised, multicentre trial evaluating bevacizumab in patients with newly-diagnosed non-brainstem high grade glioma (HGG) between the ages of 3-18yrs. 121 patients were randomised with 1yr event-free survival as the primary end-point. Confirmation of HGG diagnosis by reference pathology was mandatory before randomisation, followed by review with five independent expert neuropathologists. We collected specimens from 89 patients consenting to translational research, and performed Sanger sequencing for H3F3A, Illumina 450K BeadArray methylation profiling, and whole exome sequencing and RNA sequencing where possible. 7/89 patients (8%) harboured H3F3A G34R/V mutations, whilst 24/89 (27%) harboured H3F3A K27M, the latter reflecting a high proportion of the novel entity recognised in the 2016 WHO classification of diffuse midline glioma with H3K27M mutation. Both histone mutations conferred a significantly shorter progression-free (p=0.0104) and overall survival (p=0.00159). 450K methylation subtyping additionally identified a number of ... (Show More)

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Whole exome sequencing of non-brainstem paediatric high grade glioma from the HERBY phase II randomised trial. DNA from 86 cases was subjected to Illumina paired end whole exome sequencing using a customised SureSelect Human All Exon V6 capture set. Germline DNA from whole blood was sequenced for 83 cases. 26 cases were sequenced from both fresh frozen tissue and FFPE material, 10 were sequenced from only fresh frozen material and 50 from only FFPE. Data is provided as bwa aligned BAM files
Illumina HiSeq 2000 195
RNA sequencing of non-brainstem paediatric high grade glioma from the HERBY phase II randomised trial. RNA from fresh frozen surgical tissue in 20 cases was subjected to Illumina whole transcriptome paired end sequencing. Data is provided as paired-end FASTQ files
Illumina HiSeq 2000 20

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