Ongoing mutagenesis RNAseq

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One of the key questions to be explored is whether the biological processes generating specific mutational signatures continue to operate in the human cancer cell lines or simply reflect past mutagenic activity which is no longer operative. To address this question, we have extracted mutational signatures from 1,000 cancer cell lines of diverse cancer types. Several cell lines with mutational signatures of interest were selected, subcloned over a defined period of time and their genomes sequenced. The increased load of the mutations representative of a specific mutational signature within the genome of a subclone when compared to its parental clone was informative of the on-going mutational processes. To further study the recent observation that some of the clones belonging to a same cell line acquired differencet numbers of mutations over a set period of time, their RNA will be subjected to RNA-sequencing to study their differences.

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Multiple signatures of somatic mutations have been identified in human cancer genomes. To investigate whether mutational signatures continue to be generated, and if so their temporal patterns of activity, subsets of cell lines were cultured in vitro for extended periods and subjected to single cell cloning and whole genome or exome sequencing or directly to single cell whole genome sequencing. As expected, signatures of past exogenous exposures, such as tobacco smoke and ultraviolet light, were ... (Show More)
Illumina HiSeq 2500 26

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