Biological insights from the whole genome sequences of human embryonic stem cell lines

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Human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) are a powerful tool for the study of human development and can form the basis of cellular disease models or therapies. However, the genetic make-up and stability of hESCs has not been systematically studied at a genome-wide level with single nucleotide resolution. We therefore sequenced the whole genome and whole exomes of widely available hESC. This online resource will enable investigators to access raw sequencing data in order to interrogate cell lines for different disease- and trait-associated genetic variants.

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This dataset includes deep coverage (>60x) whole exomes of 15 human embryonic stem cell lines. Genomic DNA was purified and fragmented using the Illumina Nextera system for library preparation and sequenced using 150bp paired-end reads. Sequencing reads were aligned to the hg19 reference genome using the BWA MEM alignment program.
HiSeq X Ten 15

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