Integrative single-cell and cell-free plasma RNA transcriptomics elucidates placental cellular dynamics

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The human placenta is a dynamic and cellular heterogeneous organ, which is critical in fetomaternal homeostasis and the development of preeclampsia. Previous work has shown that placenta-derived cell-free RNA increases during pregnancy. We applied large-scale microfluidic single-cell transcriptomic technology to comprehensively characterize cellular heterogeneity of the human placentas and identified multiple placental cell-type–specific gene signatures. Analysis of the cellular signature expression in maternal plasma enabled noninvasive delineation of the cellular dynamics of the placenta during pregnancy and the elucidation of extravillous trophoblastic dysfunction in early preeclampsia.

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10 single-cell placental RNA libraries were generated using the Chromium Single Cell 3′ Reagent Kit (10X Genomics). All single-cell libraries were sequenced with a customized paired end with dual indexing (98/14/8/10-bp) format according to the recommendation by 10X Genomics. The data were aligned using the Cell Ranger Single-Cell Software Suite (version 1.0). Moreover, plasma RNA from 22 samples were extracted using the RNeasy Mini Kit (Qiagen). cDNA reverse transcription, second-strand ... (Show More)
Illumina HiSeq 2000,NextSeq 500 32

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