The demographic history and mutational load of African hunter-gatherers and farmers

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The distribution of deleterious genetic variation across human populations is a key issue in evolutionary biology and medical genetics. However, the impact of different modes of subsistence on recent changes in population size, patterns of gene flow, and deleterious mutational load remains unclear. Here, we report high-coverage exomes from various populations of rainforest hunter-gatherers and farmers from central Africa. We find that the recent demographic histories of hunter-gatherers and farmers differed considerably, with population collapses for hunter-gatherers and expansions for farmers, accompanied by increased gene flow. We show that purifying selection against newly arising deleterious alleles is of similar efficiency across African populations, in contrast with Europeans where we detect weaker purifying selection. Furthermore, the per-individual mutation load of rainforest hunter-gatherers is similar to that of farmers, under both additive and recessive models. Our results indicate that differences in the cultural practices and demographic regimes of African populations ... (Show More)

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Exome sequencing of 317 rainforest hunter-gatherers (RHG) and neighbouring farmers (AGR) from Central Africa was performed based on the Nextera Rapid Capture Expanded Exome Kit (62-Mb content) with the Illumina HiSeq 2500. The population sample includes the Baka of south-eastern Cameroon and northern Gabon (wRHG), the Bantu-speaking Nzebi and Bapunu sedentary agriculturalists of Gabon (wAGR), and the BaTwa (eRHG) and BaKiga (eAGR) from Uganda. After QC filters, exomes of 300 unrelated ... (Show More)
Illumina HiSeq 2500 317

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