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SNP array data for the Milieu Intérieur cohort

The Milieu Intérieur Consortium aims at identifying the environmental and genetic factors driving variation in innate and adaptive immune systems among healthy individuals. In the last four years, we combined standardized flow cytometric analysis of blood leukocytes, transcriptional profiles of whole blood after immune stimulation and genome-wide DNA genotyping in 1,000 healthy, unrelated donors of western European ancestry, to show that age, sex, as well as persistent infections and smoking, are the most important drivers of inter-individual differences in blood cell composition and transcriptional response to pathogens. The EGAS00001002460 study includes genotype data for 5,699,237 genotyped and imputed SNPs in the 816 healthy donors of the Milieu Intérieur cohort. Note that 184 of the 1,000 initial donors did not agree to share their data online.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00010001489 816
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