Genomic profiling of B other Adult ALL WGS

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Adult ALL is an aggressive leukaemia, affecting adults of all ages. It is associated with a rapid onset and poor outcomes. Our understanding of adult ALL genome has been limited to molecular markers first described in paediatric ALL and validated in adult ALL and to date there have been no studies investigating the genomics of Adult ALL. We will perform whole genome sequencing on at least 100 Adult ALL cases. Priority will be given on ALL cases without a known primary lesion by cytogenetic analysis which are categorised as “B-other”. We will also sequence representative cases of each known subtype. This will deliver a comprehensive annotation of the genomic landscape of Adult ALL to include acquired somatic mutations (substitutions, indels, structural variants/fusion genes) and copy number profiles. The focus on B-other Adult ALL is likely to result in new and previously undescribed genomic lesions.

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Genomic profiling at diagnosis of B-cell precursor Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (BCP-ALL) in adults is used to guide disease classification, risk stratification and treatment decisions. Patients for which diagnostic screening fails to identify disease defining or risk stratifying lesions are classified as B-other ALL. We screened a cohort of 652 BCP-ALL cases enrolled in UKALL14 to identify and perform whole genome sequencing (WGS) on paired tumor-normal samples. For 52 B-other patients we ... (Show More)
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