Distinct genomic profile and specific targeted drug responses in adult cerebellar glioblastoma

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Only a few studies have reported the molecular characteristics of adult cerebellar glioblastoma (C-GBM), a subtype comprising 1% of glioblastoma cases located within the infratentorial brain region due to the rarity. By identifying genomic profiles from 19 adult C-GBM samples, we revealed the genetic intertumoral heterogeneity in C-GBM as well as distinct genomic characteristics from those of supratentorial glioblastomas (S-GBMs), emphasizing the need of individualized therapies for C-GBM patients.

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This dataset includes genomic information of 19 adult cerebellar glioblastomas (C-GBMs). Whole-exome sequencing data are available for 9 C-GBMs and their 8 corresponding matched blood samples, and glioma-specific targeted-DNA sequencing (GliomaSCAN) data from additional 10 C-GBMs are also available. Among them, Whole-transcriptome sequencing data were conducted for 6 C-GBM tumors.
Illumina HiSeq 2500 34

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