Cylindromas sun protected and exposed

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EGAS00001002521 Cancer Genomics

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The project aims to look at mutational signatures in a rare inherited skin tumour syndrome called CYLD cutaneous syndrome. These patients develop multiple skin tumours that are seen at sun exposed and sun protected sites. We plan to carry out WGS on carefully curated tumours from such patients. We then plan to analyse this data for mutational signatures, comparing this between sun exposed and sun protected sites.

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Patients with germline mutations in CYLD can develop hundreds of benign skin tumours called cylindromas. The development of multiple tumours within a single patient at sun-protected and sun-exposed sites, varying tumour histological patterns and grades of malignancy allow for the testing of several genetic hypothesis in relation to cutaneous carcinogenesis. By adopting the unprecedented approach of whole genome sequencing of multiple benign skin tumours within individuals in multigenerational ... (Show More)
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