WGS of 32 paired SRCC samples

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Signet-ring cell carcinoma (SRCC) has specific epidemiology and oncogenesis in gastric cancer, however with no systematical investigation for prognostic genomic features. We systematically investigated the clinical characteristics of 1,868 Chinese gastric cancer patients, and found that signet-ring cell content was significantly related to multiple clinical characteristics and treatment outcomes. Next, we performed whole genome sequencing for 32 SRCC patients with > 80% signet-ring cells in tumor, and identified frequent5 CLDN18-ARHGAP26/6 fusion (25%). With additional 797 patients for validation, we notice that prevalence of CLDN18-ARHGAP26/6 fusion is positively associated with signet-ring cell content (P = 4.1 x 10 -9 ), younger age at diagnosis (P = 4.2 x 10 -10 ), female/male ratio (P = 1.7 x 10 -9 ), and advanced TNM stage (P = 1.7 x 10 -5 ). Importantly, patients with CLDN18-ARHGAP26/6 fusion had a worse survival outcomes (P = 0.03), and got no benefit0 from platinum/fluoropyrimidines based chemotherapy (P = 0.92) compared to fusion-free patients (P = 0.001), which is ... (Show More)

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Whole Genome Sequencing has been applied in 32 SRCC patients and the raw data have been subjected to standard procedures. Files with genomic variant calling were obtain at the last step.

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