WGS Exploration of mutational processes in human cancer cell lines

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EGAS00001002680 Cancer Genomics

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Approximately 25 cell lines representative of 11 mutation signatures have been selected and will be grown from a single cell, referred to as parental clone, for a period of 3 months to allow accumulation of mutations. Following that period, we will obtain 2 subclones from each of the parental clone for analysis by exome-sequencing . In total we will therefore be sequencing 2 parental clones and 4 subclones per cell line for approximately 25 cell lines. Once the data has been analysed and the potential ongoing mutation processes determined, we will perform whole-genome sequencing of the parental clones and subclones of the candidate cell lines.

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Multiple signatures of somatic mutations have been identified in human cancer genomes. To investigate whether mutational signatures continue to be generated, and if so their temporal patterns of activity, subsets of cell lines were cultured in vitro for extended periods and subjected to single cell cloning and whole genome or exome sequencing or directly to single cell whole genome sequencing. As expected, signatures of past exogenous exposures, such as tobacco smoke and ultraviolet light, were ... (Show More)
HiSeq X Ten 192

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