Alternative splicing isoforms in patient-derived hepatocellular carcinoma cells

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EGAS00001002697 Other

Study Description

The aim of this study was to obtain a landscape of alternative splicing (AS) in human hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). We applied hybrid sequencing by integrating Pacbio long-read and Illumina short-read RNA sequencing data from 8 patient-derived HCC cell lines, and used an immortalized hepatocyte cell line as reference. This study revealed features of annotated and novel splice variants in HCC cells, including transcript length, AS type and protein changes. We also identified novel isoforms and tumor specific isoforms, which may represent potential biomarkers and targets for therapeutic development.

Study Datasets 2 datasets.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
PacBio sequencing data of HKCI-2, HKCI-C1, HKCI-C2, HKCI-C3, HKCI-4, HKCI-9, HKCI-11, HKCI-5A and MIHA. All the data (9 samples) were saved in pacbio hdf5 format.
PacBio RS 9
RNA sequence data for HKCI-2, HKCI-C1, HKCI-C2, HKCI-C3 and MIHA. RNA-seq data of all the 5 samples were stored in compressed fastq format.
Illumina HiSeq 2000 5

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