Defining the metastasome in colorectal cancer: Implications for hypotheses on metastasis evolution and personalized therapy (HIPO-032)

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Personalized cancer therapy aims at individual genetic changes characterizing primary cancers. Still, however, metastasis is the major clinically unmet problem, also due to an incomplete understanding of its molecular evolution.This study is the first to define the metastasis-specific whole genome landscape of human colorectal primary vs. matched metastatic lesions.Protein coding, ncRNA genes and 3’UTRs harbored about a third each of single nucleotide variations (SNVs)/indels, 19% of them being metastasis-specific. We found novel mutational hills among ncRNAs and 3’UTRs, copy number changes able to explain changes in microRNA expression in metastases, and novel metastasis-specific mutations in the 3’UTRs on important cancer signalling genes. Some metastatic lesions showed targetable mutations not detected in the primaries. Analysis of mutual exclusivity patterns supported a model that has progressive alterations in important colorectal cancer genes and revealed new partners. Metastatic lesions were enriched in SNVs, specific structural variations, and alterations in genes ... (Show More)

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Whole genome sequencing of Control (blood), Tumor and metastasis triplets for 12 samples.
Illumina HiSeq 2000 36

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