Molecular characterization of endothelial cells under conditions associated with hematopoietic niche formation in humans

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Using a combinatory approach of cell purification and transcriptomics, we identify a subset of endoglin-expressing endothelial cells enriched in human bone marrow during fetal ontogeny and regeneration after chemotherapeutic injury. Comprehensive transcriptional characterization by massive parallel RNA sequencing of these cells revealed a remarkable phenotypic and molecular similarity to murine H endothelium as well as activation of pathways and angiocrine factors implicated in hematopoiesis, osteogenesis and angiogenesis.

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Comprehensive transcriptional characterization of bone marrow endothelial cells by RNA sequencing was performed to determine the molecular properties/signatures of endothelium during bone marrow recovery and niche formation. Regenerative bone marrow endothelium was FACS-isolated from bone marrow aspirates of Acute Myeloid Leukemia patients 17 days after receiving chemotherapy (n=3). Niche-forming endothelial cells were FACS-isolated from fetal bones (gestational age 15-20 weeks) (n=3). Healthy ... (Show More)
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