CD49f single-cell methylomes

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Single-cell DNA methylation has emerged as a powerful tool to study molecular heterogeneity within cellular populations. We report the development of a bisulfite based whole genome protocol suitable for use on single index sorted primary mammalian cells. Application of this protocol to human hematopoietic stem cells provided quantitative DNA methylation measurements of up to 5.7 million CpGs in a single cell. Analysis of cis CpG methylation states in single cells revealed a loss of concordance beyond 2kb, which supported the development of a new analytical framework (PDclust) for single-cell DNA methylation datasets that considers heterogeneity of methylation states at single CpG resolution. PDclust identified epigenetically distinct subpopulations within highly purified and functionally defined human stem cell populations. In silico merging of the methylation states from the single cells allowed us to ascribe function to these epigenetically distinct subpopulations on the basis of their epigenetic states.

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74 CD49f single-cell methylomes are from cord blood of donor1, and 84 from cord blood of donor2. Samples from donor1 have one sequencing lane, and samples from donor2 have five sequencing lanes. This dataset was generated using Post-Bisulfite Adapter Ligation (PBAL), a bisulfite based whole genome protocol. In total this dataset consists of 494 runs.
Illumina HiSeq 2500 158

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