Somatic IL4R Hotspot Mutations in Primary Mediastinal Large B-cell lymphoma lead to constitutive JAK-STAT activation

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Primary mediastinal large B cell lymphoma (PMBCL) is a distinct subtype of diffuse large B cell lymphoma thought to arise from thymic medullary B cells. Gene mutations underlying the molecular pathogenesis of the disease are incompletely characterized. Here, we describe novel somatic IL4R mutations in 15 out of 62 primary cases of PMBCL (24.2%) and in all PMBCL-derived cell lines tested. The majority of mutations (11/21; 52%) were hotspot single nucleotide variants in exon 8 leading to an I242N amino acid change in the transmembrane domain. Functional analyses establish this mutation as gain-of-function leading to constitutive activation of the JAK-STAT pathway and upregulation of downstream cytokine expression profiles and B cell specific antigens. Moreover, expression of I242N mutant IL4R in a mouse xenotransplantation model conferred growth advantage in vivo. The pattern of concurrent mutations within the JAK-STAT signaling pathway suggests additive/synergistic effects of these gene mutations contributing to lymphomagenesis. Our data establish IL4R mutations as novel driver ... (Show More)

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- Six samples from the DEV cell line: 2 controls, 2 transduced with IL4R WT and 2 transduced with IL4R mutant (I242N) - This DEV cell line is not commercially available and was acquired from a colleague in the Netherlands
Expression data for 42 PMBCL patient samples (32 IL4R WT cases and 10 cases with mutations in IL4R)
Illumina DASL Assay 42

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