Genomic profiling of matched well differentiated and de-differentiated liposarcoma.

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Study Description

Well-differentiated (WD) and de-differentiated (DD) liposarcoma, subtypes of adipocytic sarcomas, are pathologically and clinically dissimilar, but are poorly distinguishable at the molecular level. These tumors harbor neochromosomes formed from amplifications and rearrangements of chr12q. Nineteen selected patients with matched WD and DD tumors underwent extensive exomic and transcriptomic profiling to distinguish genomic features between the two subtypes. Shared point mutations suggest a common tumor origin and de-differentiated tumors have higher burdens of deletions.

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Well-differentiated, dedifferentiated, and matched normal tissues from liposarcoma (51 specimens) from 17 patients were obtained for whole exome sequencing. Tumors were submitted from 9 patients were used for RNA sequencing. The bam files are made available in this dataset.
Illumina HiSeq 2000 51

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