A novel breast cancer cell line derived from a metastatic bone lesion of a breast cancer patient

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Purpose: We sought to generate and characterize a novel cell line from a breast cancer bone metastasis in order to better study the progression of the disease.Methods: The cell line, P7731, was derived from a metastatic bone lesion of a breast cancer patient and assessed for marker expression. P7731 was analyzed for DNA copy number variation, somatic mutations and gene expression and compared to the primary tumor. Results: P7731 cells are negative for estrogen receptor alpha (ERα), progesterone receptor (PR) and HER2 (triple-negative), strongly express vimentin (100% of cells positive) and also express cytokeratins 8/18 and 19 but at lower frequencies. Flow cytometry indicates P7731 cells are predominantly CD44+/CD49f+/EpCAM-, consistent with a primitive, mesenchymal-like phenotype. The cell line is tumorigenic in immunocompromised mice. Exome sequencing identified a total of 45 and 76 somatic mutations in the primary tumor and cell line respectively, of which 32 were identified in both samples and included mutations in known driver genes PIK3CA, TP53 and ARID1A. P7731 retains the ... (Show More)

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Illumina platform sequencing data of SureSelect exome libraries prepared from 3 samples from one donor: a normal, primary breast cancer, and cell line derived from metastasis

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