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THE PAN PROSTATE CANCER PROJECT: Many groups around the world have generated Whole Genome DNA Sequence (WGS) data from prostate cancer patients. The pan prostate group have gathered with the idea that the accumulated data, should be collected and compared in a common format including common storage, re-analysis through a single pipeline, and investigation to achieve a variety of scientific goals. The combined collection would include the following categories: (i) cancers from different ethnic groups: eg Caucasian, Asian, Black Caribbean; (ii) cancer from different stages of progression from normal, to organ-confined disease, to metastases; (iii) early-onset prostate cancer; (iv) prostate cancer from aggressive and indolent disease; and (v) prostate cancer patients managed by different treatments with information linked to long-term clinical follow up data in many cases.This study contains the initial pilot samples (train 1) from the CRUK-ICGC prostate group.

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