The light chain IgLV3-21 defines a new poor prognostic subgroup in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: results from a multicenter study

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Purpose: Unmutated (UM) immunoglobulin heavy chain region (IgHV) status or IgHV3-21 gene usage is associated with poor prognosis in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). Interestingly, IgHV3-21 is often co-expressed with light chain IgLV3-21 which is potentially able to trigger cell-autonomous BCR-mediated signaling. However this light chain has never been characterized independently of the heavy chain IgHV3-21.Experimental Design: we performed total RNA sequencing to characterize IgLV3-21 patients (n=32) and investigated IgLV3-21 prognostic impact in terms of treatment-free (TFS) and overall (OS) survival in 3 other independent cohorts for a total of 813 patients where IgLV3-21 presence was tested by real-time PCR and confirmed by Sanger sequencing.Results: Using total RNA sequencing to characterize 32 patients with high-risk CLL, we found a high frequency (28%) of IgLV3-21 rearrangements. Gene set enrichment analysis revealed that these patients present higher expression of genes responsible for ribosome biogenesis and translation initiation (P<0.0001) and MYC target genes ... (Show More)

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Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) of CLL patients were isolated by density-gradient centrifugation over Linfosep (Biomedics, Madrid, Spain). B cells were purified with a CD19+ magnetic-bead system (MidiMACS, Miltenyi Biotec, Bergish Gladbash, Germany) according to the manufacturers’ instructions. Mean B-cell purity was >99% and the mean percentage of CD5+/CD19+ cells after purification was >98%, as measured by flow cytometry. Total RNA was extracted from purified cells in a ... (Show More)
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