PATL2 is a key actor of oocyte maturation whose invalidation causes infertility in women and mice

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The genetic causes of oocyte meiotic deficiency (OMD), a form of primary infertility characterised by the production of immature oocytes, remain largely unexplored. Using whole exome sequencing, we found that 26% of a cohort of 23 subjects with OMD harboured the same homozygous nonsense pathogenic mutation in PATL2, a gene encoding a putative RNA-binding protein. Using Patl2 knockout mice, we confirmed that PATL2 deficiency disturbs oocyte maturation, since oocytes and zygotes exhibit morphological and developmental defects respectively. PATL2's amphibian orthologue is involved in the regulation of oocyte mRNA as a partner of CPEB. However, Patl2's expression profile throughout oocyte development in mice, alongside colocalisation experiments with Cpeb1, Msy2 and Ddx6 (three oocyte RNA-regulators) suggest an original role for Patl2 in Mammals. Accordingly, transcriptomic analysis of oocytes from WT and Patl2-/- animals demonstrated that in the absence of Patl2, expression levels of a select number of highly relevant genes involved in oocyte maturation and early embryonic development ... (Show More)

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Exome sequencing was performed on 15 unrelated female patients suffering from primary infertility due to Ovarian Meiotic Defects (OMD). Each reference number corresponds to one of the tested subject. DNA was extracted from Saliva using Oragene saliva DNA collection kit (DNAgenotek Inc., Ottawa, Canada).Exome capture was performed with the Agilent V5 kit and sequencing was performed on Illumina HiSeq 2000.
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