503 genotypes from Inner Asia used in 'Close inbreeding and low genetic diversity in Inner Asian human populations despite geographical exogamy' publication

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EGAS00001002951 Other

Study Description

Inner Asia is particularly interesting to understand human history and evolution, as two groups presenting contrasting cultural traits (notably their language, their social organisation and matrimonial system) cohabit. We sampled 503 individuals from these two groups, belonging to 17 populations from 11 distinct ethnic groups (AltaiKizhi, Kazakh, Khakas, Kyrgyz, Mongolian, Shore, Tajik, Telengit, Tubalar, Turkmen and Uzbek). The samples were then genotyped with 5 different DNA-arrays and, after quality-control, the 253,532 autosomal SNPs present in all the arrays were merged together in the present dataset.

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503 genotypes obtained from Illumina DNA-arrays. Available as plink formatted files
Illumina arrays 503

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