Genomic landscape of IG-MYC positive Burkitt lymphoma with precursor B-cell immunophenotype.

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As part of the ICGC, the ICGC MMML-Seq project performed whole genome sequencing of a rare Burkitt lymphoma subtype with precursor B-cell immunophenotype. Analysis were performed in concordance with the guidelines of the ICGC.

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This dataset contains the aligned whole genome sequencing data of cell line 380. This cell was established from the peripheral blood of a 15-year-old boy with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at relapse, showing an immature phenotype and carrying an IGH-MYC (t(8;14)) as well as an IGH-BCL2 (t(14;18)) chromosomal translocation. The sequencing was performed on an Illumina X-ten sequencer.
HiSeq X Ten 1

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