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Integrated Genomic, Epigenetic, and Expression Analyses of Ovarian Cancer Cell Lines

Epithelial ovarian carcinoma of all subtypes has one of the worst outcomes of any human cancer. To improve our understanding of underlying biology and therapeutic possibilities in this disease, we performed whole genome sequencing, methylation, and expression analyses of a comprehensive set of 47 ovarian cancer cell lines representing different histologic tumor subtypes. Given the challenges of genomic analyses in tumors without matched normal samples, we developed novel approaches for detection of somatic alterations and used these to identify sequence, copy number, and rearrangement changes and integrated these with genome-wide epigenetic and expression alterations. Ovarian cancer cell lines had molecular changes in genes involved in cell cycle, PI3K, RAS, BRCA, chromatin regulating, and p53 pathways, and displayed global mutation and methylation changes similar to primary ovarian carcinoma. We identified alterations not previously implicated in ovarian cancer including amplification or overexpression of ASXL1 and H3F3B, deletion or underexpression of CDC73 and members of the TGF beta receptor pathway, including TGFBR2, SMAD3 and SMAD4, in-frame rearrangements of YAP1-MAML2 and IKZF2-ERBB4, and fusions involving MET, NF1, FBXW7 and CCND1. Integrating cell line alterations with dose-response data using three targeted therapies revealed novel molecular dependencies, including increased sensitivity of tumors with PIK3CA and PPP2R1A alterations to PI3K inhibitor GNE-493, those with MYC amplifications to PARP inhibitor BMN673, and SMAD4 alterations to MEK inhibitor MEK162. Genome-wide analyses revealed intrachromosomal rearrangements as an improved measure of sensitivity to PARP inhibition compared to the homologous recombination defect (HRD) score. This study provides a comprehensive resource of molecular information for ovarian cancer cell line models and a pharmacogenomic platform for developing rational cancer therapeutic strategies.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00001004532 Illumina HiSeq 2500 55
Publications Citations
Integrated Genomic, Epigenomic, and Expression Analyses of Ovarian Cancer Cell Lines.
Cell Rep 25: 2018 2617-2633