Genomic profiling of paediatric glioma cell lines

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Although paediatric gliomas resemble their adult counterparts in many ways, there appear to be distinct clinical and biological differences. One important factor hampering the development of new targeted therapies is the relative lack of cell lines derived from childhood glioma patients, as it is unclear whether the well-established adult lines commonly used are representative of the underlying molecular genetics of childhood tumours. We have carried out a detailed molecular profiling of paediatric glioma cell lines KNS42, SF188, UW479, RES259 and RES186.

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Whole genome sequencing of 5 paediatric glioma cells lines - KNS42, SF188, UW479, RES186 and RES259. Illumina paired end sequencing is provided as 5 BAM files aligned to hg19 with bwa.
Illumina HiSeq 2000 5

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