Celiac disease-specific intestinal T cells analyzed with HLA-class II tetramers, RNA-seq and mass cytometry have a narrow, autoimmune-associated phenotype

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Celiac disease (CD) is an HLA-DQ2/8-associated autoimmune enteropathy driven by activation of gluten-specific CD4+ T lymphocytes upon gluten consumption. Much less is known about the phenotype and function of these cells or their correlation, if any, to disease-relevant cells in other autoimmune disorders. Here we use mass cytometry and RNA seq to show that gluten-specific blood and gut T cells occupy a small and phenotypically distinct T-cell subset.

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Total RNA-seq of intestinal gluten tetramer+ and tetramer- CD4+ T-cells from celiac disease patients, as well as intestinal CD4+ T-cells from healthy control individuals (paired-end fastq files).

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