Patient-derived neuroblastoma model system OHC-NB1

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Accurate disease modeling presents a bottleneck against effective translation of novel neuroblastoma therapies into the clinic. Recently, considerable intra-tumor genetic heterogeneity has been observed in neuroblastoma, which calls for preclinical models that reflect this feature. Flexibility in a testing platform is also desirable to support assessment of different endpoints and tumor cell characteristics. We present the novel neuroblastoma model OHC-NB1, propagated from a bone marrow metastasis from a patient with INRG stage M, MYCN-amplified neuroblastoma at first diagnosis. To model different aspects of the disease, several preclinical models were developed from the bone marrow aspirate: a tissue plastic-adherent cell line, a 3-dimensional (3D) spheroid culture, and cell line-derived xenografts that were subcutaneously passaged in mice. Typical aspects of MYCN-amplified neuroblastoma, such as MYCN amplification in double minutes, 1p deletion, 17q gain, and a diploid karyotype, are present in OHC-NB1 and persist in all culture types. Whole exome sequencing revealed intra-tumor ... (Show More)

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The dataset is comprised of seven samples, one blood sample (germline control) of the patient, one neuroblastoma metastasis from the bone marrow and five derived cell models. The models include the primary culture, the first xenogenograft passage, a monolayer culture derived from the first xenograft passage and two samples of the fourth xenograft passage, cells and supernatant. For all these samples, whole-exome sequencing data have been generated. The BAM files contain the alignments against ... (Show More)
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