Partially methylated domains across multiple cell types

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Partially methylated domains are extended regions in the genome exhibiting a reduced average DNA methylation level. They cover gene poor and transcriptionally inactive regions and tend to be heterochromatic. We present a comprehensive comparative analysis of partially methylated domains in human and mouse cells, to identify structural and functional features associated with them.

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Sequence data (bam files) of two RRBS samples for paper "A comprehensive analysis of 195 DNA methylomes reveals shared and cell specific features of partially methylated domains". Short Description: CD4+ T memory cells (CD3+ CD4+ CD45RA- CD45RO+ CD25-) from donors were sorted by flow-cytometry either as a bulk culture ('ex vivo' sample) or in a single-cell format into 96 well-plates ('clone' sample) in the presence of a TCR stimulus.
Illumina HiSeq 2500 2

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