DNA Methylation-based diagnostic biomarkers for ESCC in Han Chinese population

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DNA methylation-based biomarkers were suggested to be promising for early cancer diagnosis. However, DNA methylation-based biomarkers for esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC), especially in Chinese Han populations have not been identified and evaluated quantitatively. To identify the candidate DNA-methylation based biomarkers for ESCC diagnosis, we performed the targeted bisulfite sequencing analysis in this study. Based on these 94 pairs of ESCC tumors and adjacent normal tissues, we found out that ADHFE1, EOMES, SALL1 and TFPI2 could be an effective methylation-based assay for ESCC diagnosis.

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To validate the methylation status of the four candidate tumor suppressor genes (ADHFE1, EOMES, SALL1, TFPI2) in Han Chinese ESCC patients, we recruited 103 patients and obtained the paired tumors(entitled as T) and adjacent normal tissues (entitled as N) as well. Targeted bisulfite sequencing was conducted to detect the methylation profiles of these four genes in these 103 paired tissues. Furthermore, the raw sequence data (fastq files) was aligned using the BSseeker2 and this dataset included ... (Show More)
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