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Background: Our recent study has made direct insight into the clonal dynamics of blood cell production in an unperturbed setting in a human. Using whole genome sequencing to track acquired somatic mutations, we were able to construct a phylogenetic tree of different stem and progenitor cells and used this tree to determine the dynamics of mature blood cell production in longitudinal samples. These data set the baseline for understanding population dynamics in abnormal haematopoiesis, and how malignant clones outcompete their normal counterparts to drive haematological malignancies. Aim: This study will measure population dynamics in abnormal human haematopoiesis in patients with clonal blood stem cell disorders. Methods: From patient bone marrow or peripheral blood, we have isolated colonies grown from single blood stem cells/progenitors. Colony DNA will be analysed by whole-genome sequencing to build (or populate) a phylogenetic tree to determine clonal relationships and track stem cell contribution to mature blood cell production. These data will also reveal disease-associated genomic features (mutational burden and mutational signatures) in haematopoietic cells.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00001009061 HiSeq X Ten 323
Publications Citations
Convergent somatic evolution commences in utero in a germline ribosomopathy.
Nat Commun 14: 2023 5092