Discovery of new fusion transcripts in a cohort of pediatric solid cancers at relapse

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EGAS00001003236 Other

Study Description

This study aims to dissect further the complexity of fusion landscape in recurrent pediatric cancers. A retrospective study on RNA-sequencing data of 48 pediatric patients at relapse with different malignancies was conducted in order to detect and validate several fusions and predict their probable oncogenic potential and targetability. We obtained a high validation rate of 90% of selected candidates which will serve both clinical and research needs to detect and prioritize experimental validation studies leading to the development of new therapeutic options.

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The cohort comprised of 48 pediatric patients with 21 different relapsed or refractory solid neoplasms. This cohort was analysed by RNASeq. The corresponding datasets contains fasq files.
NextSeq 500 46

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