Enhanced detection of circulating tumor DNA by fragment size analysis

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Existing methods to improve detection of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) have focused on sensitivity for detecting genomic alterations but have rarely considered the biological properties of plasma cell-free DNA (cfDNA). We hypothesized that differences in fragment lengths of circulating DNA could be exploited to enhance sensitivity for detecting the presence of ctDNA and for non-invasive genomic analysis of cancer. We surveyed ctDNA fragment sizes in 344 plasma samples from 200 cancer patients using low-pass whole-genome sequencing (0.4×). To establish the size distribution of mutant ctDNA, tumor-guided personalized deep sequencing was performed in 19 patients. We detected enrichment of ctDNA in fragment sizes between 90–150 bp, and developed methods for in vitro and in silico size selection of these fragments. Selecting fragments between 90–150 bp improved detection of tumor DNA, with more than 2-fold median enrichment in >95% of cases, and more than 4-fold enrichment in > 10% of cases. Analysis of size-selected cfDNA identified clinically actionable mutations and ... (Show More)

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Sequencing data from patients with Ovarian cancer. Data utilised in the 'Enhanced detection of circulating tumor DNA by fragment size analysis' manuscript (Mouliere et al, 2018)
Illumina HiSeq 4000 118

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