Small intestinal plasma cells transcriptome profiles

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Objective: Plasma cells (PCs) are terminally differentiated B-lymphocytes that produce antibodies. The lamina propria of the small intestine is particularly rich in PCs. In coeliac disease (CeD) there is infiltration and increased density of PCs in the small intestinal lesion. Many of these PCs produce disease-specific autoantibodies targeting the enzyme transglutaminase 2 (TG2). The plasmacytosis and high numbers of disease-antigen reactive PCs in CeD motivated us to study the transcriptional programme of PCs from coeliac gut lesions. Design: We performed RNASeq analysis of IgA+ PCs of untreated CeD patients being specific or non-specific for TG2 and from healthy controls.

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Transcriptomic sequences of small intestinal Plasma cell (PCs)s from Celiac disease patients. RNAseq data produced using Illumina paired-end (75bp) reads. Includes only raw data of sequences (fastq format). Samples from seven Celiac disease patients and four healthy controls. Samples from Celiac disease patients contain sub-groups of PCs that are either specific or not specific to autoantigen of the disease (TG2).
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