Genomic Profiling of Thyroid Cancer Reveals a Role for Thyroglobulin in Metastasis -Part II

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Papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) has a wide geographic variation in incidence, being highest in Saudi Arabia where it is only second to breast cancer as the most common cancer among females. Genomic profiling of PTC from Saudi Arabia has not been attempted previously. We performed whole-exome sequencing of 101 PTC samples and the corresponding genomic DNA to identify genes with recurrent somatic mutations, followed by sequencing of these genes using a next-generation gene panel approach in further 785 samples. In addition to BRAF, N-RAS and H-RAS, which have previously been shown to be recurrently mutated in PTC, our analysis highlights additional genes, including thyroglobulin (TG), which harbored somatic mutations in 3% of the entire cohort. Surprisingly, although TG mutations were not exclusive to mutations in the RAS-MAP kinase pathway, their presence was associated with a significantly worse clinical outcome, which suggests a pathogenic role beyond driving initial oncogenesis. Analysis of metastatic PTC tissue revealed significant enrichment for TG mutations (p<0.001), ... (Show More)

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The dataset consists of samples from papillary thyroid cancer patients. A total of 11 DNA samples from blood/normal and cancer tissue are subjected to whole exome sequencing using Illumina. The fastq files generated were aligned with reference genome ‘hg19’, duplicates were marked, realignment around indels and quality recalibration were performed to produce good quality variants. The recalibrated “.bam” files are included with this dataset.

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