Pancreatic cancer organoids recapitulate disease and allow personalized drug screening

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EGAS00001003369 Other

Study Description

We report derivation of 30 Patient-Derived Organoid lines (PDOs) from tumors arising in the pancreas and distal bile duct. PDOs recapitulate tumor histology and contain genetic alterations typical for pancreatic cancer. In vitro testing of a panel of 76 therapeutic agents revealed sensitivities currently not exploited in the clinic. The PRMT5 inhibitor EZP015556, shown to target MTAP negative tumors, was validated as such, but also appeared to constitute an effective therapy for a subset of MTAP+ tumors. Taken together, the work presented here provides a platform to identify novel therapeutics to target pancreatic tumor cells using PDOs.

Study Datasets 3 datasets.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
This dataset contains 31 pancreatic organoid samples used in the 'organoid data of pancreatic cancers ' study
HiSeq X Ten 31
This dataset contains 53 blood samples used as controls in study EGAXXXXX and EGAXXXXX
HiSeq X Ten 53
RNA sequencing of 31 pancreatic cancer organiods
NextSeq 500 31

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