PTPN22 SNPs and outcome after lung transplantation

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Study Description

Obstructive chronic lung allograft dysfunction (BOS) is the major limiting factor for lung transplantation (LTx) outcome. PTPN22 is described as the hallmark autoimmunity gene, and one specific single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), rs2476601, is associated with multiple autoimmune diseases, impaired T cell regulation and autoantibody formation. Taking into consideration the contribution of autoimmunity to LTx outcome, we hypothesized that polymorphisms in the PTPN22 gene could be associated with BOS incidence. We selected six SNPs within PTPN22 and analyzed both patient and donor genotypes on BOS development post-LTx. A total of 144 patients and matched donors were included, and individual SNPs and haplotype configurations were analyzed.

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Genotype of PTPN22 SNPs in LOTx donors and recipients

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