Whole-genome sequencing identifies ADGRG6 enhancer mutations and FRS2 duplications as angiogenesis-related drivers in bladder cancer

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Bladder cancer is one of the most common and highly vascularized cancers. To better understand its genomic structure and underlying etiology, we conducted whole-genome sequencing in 65 urothelial bladder carcinomas (the most common type of bladder cancer) and identified recurrent genetic alterations in a set of angiogenesis genes, facilitating the understanding of molecular mechanisms underlying pathological angiogenesis in this type of cancer.

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65 paired tumor and normal whole-genome sequencing samples from urothelial bladder carcinomas (UBC, the most common type of bladder cancer) are used to uncover the whole-genome mutational landscape of UBC. Recurrent mutations in noncoding regions affecting gene regulatory elements and structural variations leading to gene disruptions are prevalent in this type of cancer.

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