Mutation tracking in single cell RNA-Seq reveals consequences of subclonal evolution in acute myeloid leukemia

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EGAS00001003414 Other

Study Description

Total bone marrow from AML patients was FACS index sorted with staining for Lineage markers (Lin), CD33, CD34, CD38, CD45RA, CD90, CD99, Tim3 and GPR56, and enrichment for Lin- and Lin-CD34+ cells. Single cells were subjected to a modified smart-seq2 protocol with targeting of mutant sites of interest ("MutaSeq”).

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The following samples were generated from the patient samples used in the study: - Bulk DNA sequencing specifically targeting mutated sites of interest derived from clonal cell populations (288 monoclonal colonies - 2 replicates). - Targeted Muta-seq method (Patient P342: 2208 cells, Patient HRK: 1066 cells, Patient LAK: 618 cells, Patient P101: 1080 cells) - Smart-seq2 method (Patient P342 - 768 individual cells).
Illumina MiSeq,NextSeq 500 4

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