Reconstituting the transcriptome and DNA methylome landscapes of human implantation at single-cell resolution

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Implantation is a milestone event during mammalian embryogenesis. Due to the extreme difficulty of obtaining in vivo human early post-implantation embryos, the gene regulatory network and epigenetics controlling human embryo implantation remains elusive. Here, combining an in vitro culture system for human post-implantation development and single-cell omics sequencing technologies, over 10,000 single cells at five representative stages of pre/post-implantation development were systematically analyzed. Unsupervised dimensionality reduction and clustering algorithm of the transcriptome data show stepwise implantation routes for the epiblast, primitive endoderm, and trophectoderm lineages, suggesting preparation for the establishment of a mother-to-offspring connection after implantation. Female embryos showed asynchronous progress of dosage loss of X chromosomes during implantation. Furthermore, using the single cell trio-Seq (scTrio-Seq) strategy, re-methylation of the genomes of all the three lineages was unambiguously revealed. Surprisingly, the genome re-methylation of PE lineage ... (Show More)

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whole genome sequencing data of parent blood samples. Single cell full-length RNA-seq and PBAT-Seq data of in vitro culture D6 to D14 human embryo.
Illumina HiSeq 4000 638

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