DIME study: Safety, dose-response and efficacy of treatment with Anaerobutyricum soehgenii on glucose metabolism in human subjects with metabolic syndrome

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EGAS00001003498 Other

Study Description

The intestinal microbiota has been implicated in insulin resistance, although evidence regarding causality in humans is scarce. We herefore performed a phase I/II dose-finding and safety study on the effect of oral intake of the anaerobic butyrogenic Anaerobutyricum soehgenii on glucose metabolism in subjects with metabolic syndrome. We found that treatment with A. soehgenii was safe and observed an overall significant and dose-dependent increase in insulin sensitivity after 4 weeks in all treated subjects. This was accompanied by an altered microbiota composition and a change in bile acid metabolism. Finally, we show that metabolic response upon administration of A. soehgenii (defined as improved insulin sensitivity 4 weeks after A. soehgenii intake) is dependent on microbiota composition at baseline. These data in humans are promising and additional studies are needed to study long-term effects as well as modes of delivery.

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Shotgun sequencing data from subject as baseline and after 4 weeks of daily doses of low, medium or high CFU Eubacterium hallii L2-7. The strain contained in the drink "Ela" was also sequenced.
Illumina HiSeq 4000 53

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