Understanding the multicellular dynamics of clear cell renal cell carcinoma single cell RNA sequencing

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EGAS00001003519 Transcriptome Analysis

Study Description

This study will reconstruct the single cellular phylogeny of tumour and immune cells in relation to both genomic, functional, and spatial location. 20 tumours in total will be studied, including non-progressing small renal masses, progressing small renal masses, relatively indolent larger tumours, and high risk tumour with metastatic sampling. We aim to: Generate a focused, comprehensive phylogenetic characterisation of tumour cells Understand the dependencies of the cancer genome, transcriptome, tissue architecture and the single cellular micro-environment Quantify the single cellular composition and functional intra- and inter- tumoural heterogeneity Determine the phylogeny of tumour associated lymphocytes and their relationship to neo-epitopes and the immune microenvironment Investigate the mechanisms by which the tumour-normal interface constrains tumoural growth

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The dataset comprises of 5' single cell RNA sequencing with TCR enrichment with 10x Genomics' Chromium technology of multiregional biopsies of human renal cell carcinomas. Biopsies from different tumour regions, the tumour-normal interface, normal kidney, normal adrenal, metastatic regions, peri-nephric fat, and peripheral blood were sequenced from 12 patients with kidney tumours.
Illumina HiSeq 4000,Illumina NovaSeq 6000 153

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