RNA sequencing of NK cells in human lung

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Human lung tissue-resident NK cells (trNK cells) are likely to play important roles in viral infections, inflammation and cancer. However, knowledge about lung trNK cells is lacking but is fundamental for exploiting these cells in therapeutic approaches. Here we analysed the transcriptome of CD69+CD49a+CD103+CD16-CD56bright, CD69+CD49a+CD103-CD16-CD56bright, CD69+CD49a-CD103-CD16-CD56bright, CD69-CD49a-CD103-CD16-CD56bright, and CD56dimCD16+NKG2A+CD57- NK cells isolated from human lung.

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The dataset contains RNAseq data from 5 subsets of NK cells isolated from human lung: 1) CD69+CD49a+CD103+CD16-CD56bright NK cells 2) CD69+CD49a+CD103-CD16-CD56bright NK cells 3) CD69+CD49a-CD103-CD16-CD56bright NK cells 4) CD69-CD49a-CD103-CD16-CD56bright NK cells 5) CD56dimCD16+NKG2A+CD57- NK cells The dataset contains paired data for the subsets from 2 donors with 2 biological replicates/donor and subset.
Illumina HiSeq 2500 19

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