5- FU treated organoids

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5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) is a chemotherapeutic drug component that is commonly used for the treatment of solid cancers. The anticancer properties of 5-FU have been attributed to interference with nucleotide synthesis and through direct incorporation into the DNA as being a pyrimidine analog. As both mechanisms of action may have a mutational impact on surviving tumor cells, we performed three independent analyses to characterize the genomic consequences of 5-FU treatment: i) in vitro treatment of intestinal organoids with 5-FU followed by whole genome sequencing, ii) genome-wide mutation analyses in tumor samples from 5-FU treated patients with breast or colorectal cancer, and iii) analysis of paired biopsies from patients treated with 5-FU between biopsies. Our results demonstrate that both in vitro and in vivo 5-FU causes a mutational pattern that is dominated by T>G substitutions in a CTT context and with strong resemblance to COSMIC signature 17. Interestingly, this signature is also found in non 5-FU treated patients, most prominently in esophageal tumors, indicating that ... (Show More)

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