Mutations conferring differential treatment response in breast cancer

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EGAS00001003626 Other

Study Description

Poor prognosis primary breast cancer patients usually receive cytotoxic chemotherapy as a component of treatment, but despite this aggressive therapy recurrences remain common. Improved understanding of chemoresistance pathways would allow better stratification of chemotherapy using predictive markers, and may allow therapeutic inhibition of resistance mechanisms in order to chemosensitise tumours. We aimed to identify molecular pathways that define chemoresponse using the novel approach of examining the selection exerted by neoadjuvant chemotherapy on sub-clonal somatic mutational profiles of cancer cells.

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Fastq files resulting from whole exome sequencing of trios of samples from 6 breast cancer patients: normal breast, pre-NAC biopsy and post-NAC surgical resection.
Illumina HiSeq 3000 17

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