Analysis of copy number variation landscape of glioma by shallow coverage whole genome sequencing

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EGAS00001003690 Other

Study Description

We reported shallow coverage whole genome sequencing (WGS) is an economic method for identification of whole genome somatic copy number variation (SCNV). Combining with a Taqman low density array (TLDA) designed for molecular subtyping of glioma, it enabled classification of glioma into biological entities with different cellular origin and genomic alterations. Further, we also showed shallow-coverage WGS enabled systematic identification of clonal and subclonal SCNV in glioma genomes and the burden and pattern of SCNV can serve as an objective marker of tumor progression and predict risk and relapse.

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We performed shallow coverage whole genome sequencing on 147 glioma samples and analyzed their copy number profile. The coverage of each sample is about 2. Data are presented as VCF files which describe the copy number segments and their log2 ratio.

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