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The 3D evolution of glioma cell populations

Study description: A detailed understanding of heterogeneity in solid tumors has been limited due to insufficient sampling and a lack of knowledge from where within the tumor the sample was taken from. We present here a novel resource - the 3D Glioma Atlas - in which we record the precise, three-dimensional (3D) coordinate for each of 8-20 spatially-distinct samples obtained from each patient tumor.By revealing how genetic alterations and tumor cell states are patterned in glioma in 3D space, our Atlas shows that genetic diversity is more regionally confined in indolent as compared to aggressive tumors, that recurrent tumors have a greater density of genetic diversity, and that more aggressive tumors have greater tumor-wide transcriptomic heterogeneity.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00001005221 236
EGAD00001005222 160
EGAD00001009496 283
EGAD00001009497 221