Sporadic and endemic Burkitt lymphoma have frequent FOXO1 mutations but distinct hotspots in the AKT recognition motif

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FOXO1 has an oncogenic role in adult germinal center derived lymphomas, in which mutations, predominately within the AKT recognition motif, cause nuclear retention of FOXO1 resulting in increased cell proliferation. To determine the prevalence and distribution of FOXO1 mutations in pediatric Burkitt lymphoma (BL), we sequenced a large number of sporadic and endemic BL patient samples. We report a high frequency of FOXO1 mutations in both sporadic and endemic BL at diagnosis, occurring in 23/78 (29%) and 48/89 (54%) samples respectively, as well as 8/16 (50%) cases at relapse. Mutations of T24 were the most common in sporadic BL but were rare in endemic cases, in which mutations of residue S22, also within the AKT recognition motif, were the most frequent. FOXO1 mutations were almost always present in the major tumor cell clone but were not associated with outcome. Analysis of other recurrent mutations reported in BL revealed that FOXO1 mutations were associated with mutations of DDX3X and ARID1A, but not MYC, TCF3/ID3 or members of the phosphatidylinositol 3’ OH kinase (PI3K) ... (Show More)

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Sample set of 74 whole-exome sequencing samples from sporadic Burkitt lymphoma patients from the UK. 33 of these samples have matched constitutional data, giving a total number of 107 samples
unspecified 107

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