From matrimonial practices to genetic diversity in Southeast Asian populations: the signature of the matrilineal puzzle

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EGAS00001003727 Other

Study Description

This project aims at revisiting the "matrilineal puzzle" from a population genetics' point of view. The dataset consists of 719 individuals from 12 populations sampled in continental Southeast Asia and genotyped at 598764 loci. This dataset can only be accessed and used for non-commercial research purposes with a finality complying with the informed consent provided by donors. For accessing the data, please provide: 1. An explicit title for the project you wish to use the data for. 2. A detailed institutional affiliation of all recipients and users of the data. 3. A summary (500 words) of the research project, with emphasis on its scientific and societal finality, and predicted outputs. If access is granted by the DAC, data cannot be shared with a third party not initially involved in the project, without the third party officially applying for accessing the data.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
598764 SNPs genotyped for 719 indivuals, merge from Illumina Omni1 and Illumina Omni2.5
Illumina Omni1 and Illumina Omni2.5 719

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