High intensity sequencing of plasma cfDNA and WBC gDNA

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EGAS00001003755 Other

Study Description

We sought to define the technical feasibility of a high-intensity sequencing assay of cfDNA and matched white-blood cell (WBC) DNA covering a large genomic region (508 genes, 2Mb, 60,000x raw-depth) in a prospective study of 124 metastatic cancer patients, with contemporaneous matched metastatic tumor tissue biopsies, and age-matched 47 non-cancer controls.

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Metadata summarizes participants (n=198), samples (n=396), basic clinical information, and analysis. analysis1: raw sequencing reference alignment files (bam/bai) analysis2: error-corrected sequencing reference alignment files (bam/bai) analysis3: variant calling using error-corrected sequencing reference alignment (vcf)

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