Spatial Heterogeneity in CLL

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A whole-genome/exome sequencing (WGS/WES) characterization of the spatial heterogeneity found in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) at diagnosis. Fifteen synchronous peripheral blood and lymph node samples were analyzed by WGS (n=2) or WES (n=13). Subtle differences in the global architecture of the tumor at peripheral blood and lymph node were observed only in a fraction of patients. Spatial heterogeneity was not found among the well-established CLL driver alterations.

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Whole Genome sequencing. 1 ug of genomic DNA from each lymph node sample was used for the construction of a TruSeq DNA PCR Free (350) library before sequencing in a Illumina HiSeq X Ten (2 × 151 bp). Mean coverage 30x.
HiSeq X Ten 2
Exome Sequencing. 3 ug of genomic DNA from each lymph node sample were sheared and used for the construction of a paired-end sequencing library as described in the paired-end sequencing sample preparation protocol provided by Illumina. Enrichment of exonic sequences was then performed for each library using either the Sure Select Human All Exon 50 Mb or All Exon+UTRs v4 kits following the manufacturer’s instructions (Agilent Technologies). Exon-enriched DNA was pulled down by magnetic beads ... (Show More)
unspecified 13

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